"Comic Crusaders" article in Skyline newspaper

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Comic Crusaders

Back in 2013, newspaper staffer Ann Gerber did an article about a new book
titled The Lazarus Conspiracies. The book by Richard Rose went on to win a
major award in fiction at The Pacific Rim Book Festival in Hollywood.

Well Richard is at it again. Now his publisher Savant Books & Publications,
has just released Comic Crusaders, a lighthearted adventure/fantasy —
not offered as a book, but as a screenplay in book form, a new genre that
the publisher is launching.

Rose explains that in his story a teenage cartoonist uses a magic pen to
bring his superhero to life to help him find his father, who has mysteriously
disappeared. But he unwittingly unleashes a grotesque supervillain and his
Dark Legion, who want to take over the world.

After a tour of duty fighting the Cold War on the East/West German border, Rose,
who lives in Streeterville, began a long career as a First V.P. with a major
investment firm in Chicago, where he did market reports on TV and radio. These
days he’s helping his characters prevent the Dark Legion from taking over the world.

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