Reviews and Press Interviews

What Readers of "THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES" have to say about my new novel:

The Huffington Post - Reviewed by Sugar Rautbord and John Engle -
The Lazarus Conspiracies is a twisting, turning story that is genuinely hard to put down. ...the characters and the setting, which leap off the page with a living magic...
  -   The Huffington Post's, Book Review

Josephine R Lowery -
"5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging and enthralling until the very end! A must read!
  -   Reader purchased from"

Cynthia E. Herst -
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, Couldn't put it down. Richard Rose is a wonderful writer.
  -   Reader purchased from"

Madalene Smitley -
Richard really has an imagination
  -   Reader purchased from a personal signing event

Irene Michaels -
The Lazarus Conspiracies by Richard Rose... a great read!
  -   Reader purchased from a personal signing event

Michael Williams -
Very much worth the wait! I knew Richard was working on this novel for awhile and I have to say, it does not disappoint. Written well and kept me wanting to read more.
  -   Reader purchased from a personal signing event

James I. Adler "ex libris" -
To be trite, this is a real page turner, can't put it down book. The twists and turns of the mystery kept me wanting to read "just one more chapter".
  -   Reader purchased from"

Today's Chicago Women -
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Irene Michaels, to discuss my novel, "The Lazarus Conspiracies".
I think the article came out pretty good.

Chicago Sun-Times -
Bill Zwecker, mentions Irene Michaels (Friend and Cover Model), myself and my novel "The Lazarus Conspiracies".
I appreciate the mention.

The Rochester Sentinel -
Rochester Sentinel Newspaper did a fantastic piece on my novel, "The Lazarus Conspriacies". I was doing a book signing at a local Elk's and really was nice to meet people that like my work. It was an honor to sign their copies of "Lazarus" for them.

The Journal Review-
  -   Registered users can discuss The Lazarus Conspiracies"

Chicago Skyline Newspaper-
Skyline is a local newspaper for Chicago's Skyline area.
  -   Ann Gerber, interviews me and gives me a nice mention. I thank her for it, too.

The Times Union(Warsaw, Indiana)-
Hoosier Richard Rose Writes Mystery Novel
  -   David Sloan, Times Union Interviewer

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